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10 things about me

OK well this is gona be 10 thing about me there is more but i will leave them for later……..

OK number one- I am a girl

number two- I like guys not girls

number three- i used to be in karate (i made it to blackbelt)

number four- i LOVE doges

number five- i have a mental disability (not a real bad one if u seen me you would have no idea)

number six- i am a happy go lucky person

number seven- i used to have a hard time with readin

number eight-I love my friends and family

number nine- I love reading books

and last but not less number ten- i have made myself not me. so one thing i really want this blog to help with is making me, me again i dont like who i am, so this is my shot on going back to the good old me. =D

but anyway this is me hope you liked my first blog bye!!!

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